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Good Governance

To promote good governance, the government introduced the Government Performance Management System (GPMS), which makes all public institutions and public servants accountable while they work towards providing effective and efficient delivery of public services.

We also initiated Annual Performance Agreements (APA) with all Ministers, Heads of Agencies and Dzongdags. The APAs have not only been instrumental in achieving the Plan targets but also in enhancing transparency and accountability. Furthermore, this system has allowed us to identify and reward hard working public servants.

Our civil servants have worked hard and fulfilled responsibilities without failure even though we could increase salaries only once in the current Plan. The increase was designed with social justice in mind to ensure that the group receiving the lowest salaries received an increase of 25% and house rent of 20%. The group receiving a higher salary than the O level such as S4 administrative assistants received a 23% increase and 20% house rent. The P-level group that receives an even higher level of salary was provided with an increase of 21% and 20% house rent. And the executive group that received the highest salaries was provided with an increase of 19% and 20% house rent allowance.

To enhance the legislative framework for good governance, the Second Parliament enacted 13 new laws, amended nine laws, and ratified 11 international conventions. To reduce the legislative burden on citizens, the government instituted a Law Review Task Force under the Office of Attorney General that has completed the assignment. The Task Force has reviewed 126 Acts and recommended 29 Acts for amendment, 15 Acts for total repeal and eight Acts for consolidation. The Task Force has also recommended eight new bills for enactment.

The second local government elections were conducted successfully in 2016 and about 1,500 candidates were elected as local government leaders.

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