PDP in the Opposition: 2008-2013

//PDP in the Opposition: 2008-2013

PDP in the Opposition: 2008-2013

The fact that the PDP was the smallest opposition in the world did not deter the two-member opposition and it performed its duties notably and sincerely.

In 2010, when the majority ruling DPT government unilaterally decided to raise indirect taxes on several commodities, including automobiles, the PDP opposition declared the move unconstitutional. The opposition claimed that the sole right to raise taxes rested with the legislature and not the executive. When the government persisted, the opposition took the government to court registering the first constitutional case in democratic Bhutan. The High Court ruled in favor of the opposition and the Supreme Court upheld the decision of the High Court. The case was historic as it set a landmark precedent and clarified on the role of the executive and the legislative.

Similarly, the Opposition was vocal in presenting alternative views within the parliament and outside and provided credible checks and balances. The PDP opposition slammed the government when it came up with the draconian Tobacco Act. It opposed the once-a-week Pedestrian Day imposed unilaterally. It challenged the government on the Gyalpoizhing Land Scam where a ruling minister and the Speaker of the National Assembly were involved. The Opposition sought the investigation into the Bhutan Lottery scam, which was disposed off by the government as insignificant. The government was later forced to close down the Bhutan Lottery business. The Opposition performed its duties diligently and the entire nation stood convinced of the proactive role the PDP opposition played in the first tenure of democratically elected government.

In recognition of the effective role PDP played as the opposition party of the Kingdom of Bhutan and for the party’s contribution to the historic transition to democracy, His Majesty conferred the Druk Thuksey Medal (highest civilian honor) to the PDP on the National Day on December 17, 2012.

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