PDP in the ruling: 2013-2018

//PDP in the ruling: 2013-2018

PDP in the ruling: 2013-2018

Our biggest achievement in the past five years is that we have been able to make our Kingdom even more secure and sovereign. For PDP, the most important responsibility was to ensure that our nation continued to grow in strength and that our sovereignty was further fortified. With the guidance of His Majesty the King, we continue to enjoy sovereignty and security, peace, unity and harmony.

The PDP government implemented the biggest Five Year Plan with the largest budget ever of Nu 225 billion, which is a record 52% increase, up from Nu 147 billion in the 10th Plan. On the capital front, Nu. 27 billion was met from domestic resources to finance the total capital expenditure of Nu. 110 billion. While on the recurrent front, the entire recurrent expenditure of Nu. 115 billion has been financed from domestic resources.

The domestic revenue increased to Nu 142 billion from Nu. 88 billion in the past five years. The fiscal deficit was Nu. 2.6 billion or 1.3% of the GDP. This is a remarkable achievement given that the 11th Plan is 52% bigger than the previous Plan, which ran a deficit of Nu. 4.1 billion or 5.8% of the GDP.

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