About Us


Our values

PDP believes in prosperity for all. And our pursuance of social and economic development should mirror the values of liberty, justice, […]

Our Guiding philosophy

GNH is the legacy of the Fourth Druk Gyalpo and it transcends ideologies. No political party can claim ownership over it. […]

Our symbol

PDP’s election symbol is a white horse trotting confidently. It represents PDP’s resolve to serve all people equally, regardless of economic, […]

Our Mission

  • To guard and strengthen sovereignty, national security, unity, peace, stability and integrity of the Kingdom.
  • To ensure that every […]

Our Vision

A country with secured sovereignty that is economically vibrant, environmentally rich, socio-culturally just and harmonious, politically united that enables the pursuit […]

PDP – The Party

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) became the first political party of Bhutan in the run-up to the 2008 elections when it […]



The historic third democratic election is at the doorstep. In the past five years, the country has experienced commendable growth and the foundations have been laid for Bhutan to take off and soar towards the sky. This year is an opportunity for every Bhutanese to elect a government that would fulfill the aspirations of our people. The PDP stands committed to serve the nation with humility and dedication.

The PDP slogan for 2018 election is:
“Unity. Stability. Prosperity.”

Each of the three words is a statement by itself. Thus, each word is separated by a stop.

For 2018-2023, we recognize the importance of building a ‘just, harmonious and sustainable society through enhanced decentralization.’ It is for this reason that the PDP government initiated the drafting of the 12th Five-Year Plan with the above theme. The biggest strength of Bhutan as a nation has been its resilience and communal harmony. Under the benevolent rule of our glorious monarchs, Bhutan has always withstood the test of time, cautiously navigating the challenges and braving storms to be globally recognized as a strong sovereign nation. Today, Bhutan enjoys the reputation of being called the last Shangri-La on earth. The Bhutanese identity has never been stronger.