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Our Mission

The Party's mission, inspired by our unique philosophy of Gross National Happiness, shall be to:

  1. Safeguard the independence, sovereignty, security and territorial integrity of the Kingdom of Bhutan;
  2. Strengthen the unity of the nation through adherence to the principles of equality, tolerance and justice, and infuse in our people a sense of national identity;
  3. Practice and advance democratic governance with the participation and representation of all sections of our society; 4.4. safeguard the rights and freedom of our people through democratic governance, justice and the rule of law, and encourage healthy public debate through a free and vibrant media and civil society;
  4. Promote economic growth and self-reliance while ensuring equity, balanced regional development, and the sustainable use of natural resources;
  5. Provide equal opportunities and gainful employment to our people regardless of ethnicity, religion, region, gender, social origin, disabilities or language so that they may realize their full potential, and endeavor with the knowledge that merit shall be the only path to success in our country;
  6. Foster professionalism at the workplace, and the efficient and responsive delivery of public services by the government and public sector;
  7. Achieve social justice, equality and fairness for all our people, regardless of ethnicity, religion, region, gender, social origin, disabilities or language and ensure that all have access to basic necessities such as food, shelter, healthcare and education;
  8. Protect and conserve our rich and pristine environment and respect the right of future generations to a healthy environment and to all the natural resources our generation enjoys;
  9. Preserve and promote our unique cultural, religious and spiritual heritage as the essential basis of our national identity and as a source of enrichment and happiness in the lives of our people;
  10. Promote friendly relations with the international community on the basis of peace, cooperation and the sovereign equality of states; play a responsible and constructive role in regional and global affairs; and in particular further strengthen the unique, warm and friendly relationship and economic cooperation with India.