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About Us

About The Slogan

For a Better Druk Yul, The Promise We Will Deliver

The slogan "For a Better Druk Yul, The Promise We Will Deliver” is not bound by time; it represents a timeless ray of hope. It serves as a guiding principle for the People's Democratic Party (PDP) to strive towards building our beloved nation. This slogan signifies our unwavering commitment to the present and future generations, ensuring that our efforts to build a better Druk Yul extend beyond any specific time frame. It encapsulates our dedication to creating lasting positive change and a prosperous future for all Bhutanese.

About Our Logo

About Our Logo

The symbol of the Party shall be a galloping white horse against the backdrop of a clear sky. The galloping white horse signifies dynamism, advancement and purity of the Party while the clear sky symbolizes peace and prosperity of the country.

Our Core Values

We Walk Through Our Values

Through our unwavering dedication, commitment, and determination, we will strive to bring peace, progress, and prosperity to the country.


Build Strong Country


Fair Governance


Build Strong Community