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On March 5, last year, the country recorded the first positive case of COVID-19. By then, the world surrendered to the scything and malignant novel coronavirus. For us all, the worrying scenario playing out in other parts of the world was frightening enough. So, when the virus did arrive, we were panic-stricken –literally.

What we hadn’t realized then, however, was that we had His Majesty the King to guide us, prepare us, and take care of us through every step of the way. His commitment, guidance and farsightedness have ensured all of us are out of harm’s way. We are blessed indeed to have a leader most countries can only dream of.

Bhutan’s response to COVID-19 has been lauded the world over. And, that is only because of His Majesty the King. Not only has He kept us safe and secure, but he has ensured none of us face any hardship by providing financial aid to thousands of people through the Royal Kidu Fund. His Majesty’s concern for bringing all Bhutanese living in border towns into the country and building houses for them, waiving off loans, and putting all facilities in place for the public to minimize the inconvenience only shows what a compassionate and caring leader we have been blessed with.

Surely, all of us must have done some good in our past lives since we were born in this blessed country. For His Majesty’s love, concern and care we offer our deepest gratitude and prayers. Every thank you will fall short for all the sleepless nights His Majesty has spent in the wilderness and on the frontlines – traversing through jungles and mountains in the rain and heat just so we remain safe. May the Triple Gem bless and protect You always, Your Majesty, with health, happiness and a long life.